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We will tell you what we guarantee and how to maintain it

Here are some tips to guarantee a long life for your gold plate jewelry:

Even if our little jewels are resistant to life, avoid as much as possible contact with water, perfume, chemicals and cosmetics. For this, we advise you to put on your jewelry after your makeover , is avoid wearing it during the bath

Just like you, our jewelry needs to rest, so every once in a while, remember to take it off when you go to bed. They keep it away from light and moisture. you do not wear your jewelry and when you take it on your travels you can put it in a sealed bag. This will even prevent them from tangling. To clean your jewelry, a soft, dry cloth will be enough to revive the luster of gold, which will slightly patina over time.

Finally : Avoid wearing during exercise and avoid scratches and abrasion.

AND don't worry, you have a one year guarantee, we can repair your jewelry, if you need, so don't forget to be our VIP, register on our website on your email.

Have a nice day